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Editing Entries

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Actual entries, submitted by end-users, can the edited, deleted and tracked in the phpWCMS's administrative backend. Date, time and visitor IP information are recorded by phpWCMS.

Both IP and WHOIS hyperlinks are provided, which link to reverse DNS and WHOIS lookup services respectively, provided by Please note actual IP information is left blank in the illustration provided (Fig. 1.)

Click the button to edit individual entires.

Click the button to delete entries.

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Clicking on the button will access the details view of the individual entry.

Administrative comments can be added to the entry by using the special replacement tag [c] text [/c]. Comments written with this tag will shown in green beneath the entry from the visitor. 

Changes can be made to the 'view options' of the visitor's email address and are as follows:

show email: the visitor's email is shown, the visitors name is clickable and would open an email client window.

hide email: the email would be shown as #, an the name will not clickable 

show email as "info at mail dot com" :  the email would be shown as for example: "oliver at docu fhss dot de"  also in this case the name is not clickable.

After you made your changes, hit the "submit changes" button and return to the previous screen.

Article created: Tuesday, 14. September 2004
Last Changes: Tuesday, 4. January 2011