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Replacement Tags

'Little Helpers' Offering Ostensible Solutions

Replacement tags, as encountered within phpWCMS, are executed by server-based PHP-code, resulting in powerful and ostensible content management and design solutions. Through the use of these 'simpler' tags, more complex operations can easily executed within the phpWCMS system. Please note that the replacement tags, as outlined here, are case sensitive and do require attention to character spacing.

Also note that as the phpWCMS system develops and matures, newer tags (and other tag refinements) continue to be implemented.

The following compilation corresponds to the replacement tag code as of August, 2004.
From now on you can copy the Replacement Tags directly from our website and use them in your system. This disturbing deleting of the spacer is not needed anymore.

Article created: Sunday, 15. August 2004
Last Changes: Tuesday, 4. January 2011