Content Part "Multimedia"

content part "multimedia"

media type: Here you indicate the type of media file.

player/plugin: Here you can indicate which player should be used to display this file.

show control bar: Here you can select whether the controls are to be displayed, e.g. for Play/Pause.

autoplay: Here you can select whether the file will play automatically.

flash transparent:
Can only be used for the start or end of flash films. When the image stands the background will be shown in a transparent way.

Here you can select between an internal or external source for the multimedia
file. Select an internal source using the phpWCMS Media browser by clicking on the symbol. You specify an external source by providing the web address, for example "". To delete the Source click on ths symbol .

position: Here you can determine the position on the page. You can select between the following options:

Media contents positioned above the paragraph, aligned left.
Media contents centered over the paragraph.
Media contents positioned above the paragraph, aligned right.
Media contents positioned within the paragraph, aligned left.
Media contents positioned within the paragraph, aligned right. 

For what a positioning or alignment of text if I can't insert text into this content part? For this reason we made an example for you at the end of this page.

width/height (optional): Here you can specify a size. You can also quickly select from several standard formats, by clicking on the appropriate button: 

for 160 pixels width and 120 pixels height
for 240 pixels width and 240 pixels height
for 320 pixels width and 240 pixels height
for 480 pixels width and 360 pixels height 

to clear media width and height entries.


Why an Alignment in the Text when I can't insert Text?

Surely you saw that there is a text alignment in this content part, although you can't insert a text into the content part.

First create a content part "Multimedia", then  a CP "WYSIWYG HTML" or "Plain Text". The CP with the text goes automatically to the position that you selected.

Here is an example:
First the CP "Multimedia" has been created with the following alignment . Then comes a CP "WYSIWYG HTML". Please have a look at the result.

A great Video with Blindtext

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