Move Content Part

Work as follows:

Go to the article center

Press in front of the article to go to the content part overview in the case you can't already see the CP overview.

Choose now th CP that you want to move. Behind the CP you can find the following symbol . Pressing the symbol you will mark this CP for moving. After pressing this symbol the line will be marked with an orange bar that shows that the CP is selected for moving. (Image 1)

Image 1 * Content Part Overview in the Article Center

After pressing  , the symbol changes from to and the selected CP will be marked orange.In addition a new symbol  will be shown at every article where a pasting is possible, and the Line gets a green background. (Image 2)

By Pressing in the green marked lineyou can move the CP. The background color (orange) will be preserved. At the end of this action press once more . Then you exit the move mode (Image 3), and go back to the original view. (Image 1)

Image 2 * View after the Content Part has been selected for moving
Image 3 * View after the Content Part has been moved